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Who will benefit from the course?
AUSSIE OWNERS with no or basic grooming skills
If you have purchased a puppy or have an adult Aussie, but do not know how to care for the coat, whether it is necessary to cut and how, what shampoos and combs to use.

Or you can already trim your dog's paws and tail but you want to dive deeper into grooming and improve the result.

Your result after 8 weeks:
✓Confident grooming of your dog
✓Proper care for the dog's coat
✓Use of suitable cosmetics and tools
✓Grooming of your Aussie according to his individual traits
If you are just going to or already attend dog shows and you prepare your Aussie's coat without a system, or there are any issues in your dog's coat or appearance that you would like to fix with the help of grooming.

Your result after 8 weeks:
✓You know which grooming tools and show cosmetics your Aussie needs
✓You know how and what needs to be cut
✓You know how to do pre-ring grooming
✓You can to make a dog to look "like on the picture"

If you work with Aussies, and you also want to groom your client dogs before the show ring but you do not know the features of Australian Shepherds breed grooming.

Your result after 8 weeks:
✓You confidently offer Aussie show grooming services to your clients
✓ You receive additional income
✓ Use some of the features in working with the other breeds
✓ You win more!
If you are a professional groomer but you don't know the features of working with Australian Shepherds.

Your result after 8 weeks:
✓Another breed in your knowledge and skills bank
✓New happy customers!
✓More income

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Program of the course:
Module 1. Tools and equipment
1. Grooming tables & the organization of the workspace
2. Blow dryers
3. Combs and brushes
4. Scissors
5. Trimmers and other tools

🔥 Bonuses:
▪️ Lesson: an overview of strippers and the nuances of their use (only for Show Groomer plan).
▪️ Checklist "Arsenal of tools for pet grooming"
▪️ Checklist of scissors and trimmers
▪️ Checklist of combs
▪️ Equipment checklist
▪️ Checklist of additional tools

✔️Your result:
You will understand which tool is used for what. Find what you need for your Aussie.
Module 2. Basic coat care


1. Brushing coat rules
2. Matted hair
3. Behind the ears
4. Brushing and shedding

5. Express shedding methods

✔️Your result:

Saving time on brushing coat and cleaning the house, facilitating all grooming processes.

Module 3. Water procedures


1. Shampoos and conditioners
2. Washing the dogs with undercoat
3. Whitening
4. Introduction to show grooming (only for Show Groomer plan).

5. Shampoos with certain effects (only for Show Groomer plan).

6. Conditioning coat of show dogs (only for Show Groomer plan).

🔥 Bonuses:
▪️ Checklist "Shampoos, conditioners and areas of their use"
▪️ Guide, how to fasten growth of new wool (only for Show Groomer plan).
▪️ Checklist “Shampoos with certain effects for use before exhibitions” (only for Show Groomer plan).
▪️ Guide “Conditioning the coat of a show dog” (only for Show Groomer plan).

✔️Your result:

Choice of shampoos and other cosmetics depending on your dog's coat type and characteristics.

Module 4. Blow Drying


1. Dog is washed. What's next?
2. Blow drying technics
3. Straightening topline (only for Show Groomer plan)

✔️Your result:

Skills of correct blow drying.

Module 5. Hygiene


1. Claw clipping
2. Teeth cleaning at home
3. Shaving paws

✔️Your result:

You will be able to clip the claws without fear, keep the dog's teeth in a healthy condition. It will be easier to wash your paws, and there will be less dirt from the street at home.
Module 6. Trimming


1. "Before" photos of your model dog
2. Mail differences between pet, hygiene and show trimming
3. Trimming feet:
  • Pet trimming feet
  • Trimming feet before a show (Show Groomer plan)
  • Pads highlighting (Show Groomer plan)
4. Trimming feathers on forelegs: pet, hygiene & before a show (Show groomer plan)
5. Trimming rear feathers
6. Trimming breeches: pet, hygiene & before a show (Show groomer plan)
7. Trimming short tails with a couple of vertebrae
8. Trimming "0" tails
9. Trimming long tails

10. Trimming the underline: pet, hygiene & before a show (Show groomer plan)

11. Body trimming (Show groomer plan)

12. Trimming the collar (Show groomer plan)

13. Ears and head trimming

14. Trimming "rose" ears

🔥 Bonuses:
▪️ Lesson about hand position and scissors adjustment. Scissors care.
▪️ Step-by-step trimming guides
▪️ Standard reviews (Show Groomer plan)

✔️Your result:
You learn how to hold the scissors correctly, learn simple trimming techniques for Aussies, make grooming easier with a hygienic trimming.
For Show Groomer plan: You learn to create a breed silhouette, learn how to visually correct anatomy faults using grooming. Trimming techniques for the most natural looking effect.
Module 7. Grooming at the show ground (only for Show Groomer plan)


1. Show cosmetics
2. Cleaning the coat at the dog show
3. Wetting and drying
4. Powder chalk
5. Modeling of breed silhouette

6. Color chalks

7. Final actions before the ring

8. Grooming without show cosmetics

9. Grooming without electricity

🔥 Bonuses
▪️ Checklist of cosmetics for each stage of the show grooming.

✔️Your result:
You can choose the right cosmetics for your dog, depending on the condition of the coat, learn how to create a wow-ffect.
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About author

My name is Adina Kovalenko, I am an Australian Shepherd breeder from St. Petersburg, the owner of the Triplemoon kennel. My eldest Aussie is 15 years old and my first Aussie litter is 12!

I came to the groomer profession with the main purpose of becoming a professional in grooming of my own breed in 2008. I had a desire to learn the secrets of show grooming and be 100% confident in presentation my dogs in the show ring!

I have gathered my knowledge and experience into a unite system. I have started master classes for the breeders, teaching them the features of Aussie show grooming since 2017. I have conducted live Master Classes

both in Russia and abroad, so the geography of MCs includes Moscow, St. Petersburg, Khabarovsk, Riga, Tallinn and Warsaw.

In June 2021 I ran my first flow of the Australian Shepherds grooming online course for Russian participants and in November I ran the second flow for the Russian speaking people as well as translated my lessons into English and taught a group of English speaking people! It's a huge project I'm proud of, and I enjoy to share my experience with Aussie people.

I wait for you at my course!

Our students results
What is duration of the lessons
Most of the video lessons are short within 10 minutes. Some lessons are divided to 2-3 videos so that one video is no more than 10 minutes and comfortable to watch. Though some lessons about trimming may be long up to 30 minutes.
Are video lessons recorded?
Yes, of course, you can watch video lessons at anytime after they are published. Access to the video lessons is 3 or 5 depending on tariff plan. It is possible to extend access upon request.
In what format can I do my homework?
You will need a model dog (Aussie, MAS or... you may exercise on another breed with similar coat type). Your model dog shouldn't had been groomed at least 1 months before you practice. You may exercise on one or several dogs with different coat or anatomy issues. You make a photo/video before and after your homework.
Will I get a certificate?
Certificate will be issued to those students who complete all lessons and pass an exam. It's important for us that Triplegroom certificate has it's value.
What is the course duration?
Duration of feedback is 8 weeks from the start. After that you can watch the lessons within 3 or 5 months depending on your study plan.
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