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Who can register an account
The user must be the owner of an Australian Shepherd dog and provide a document confirming the right to own a dog in the system of the FCI, ACK and other recognized kennel clubs and federations as well as ASCA. This can be a dog's pedigree, puppy card or other documents that contain the full registered name of the dog and the full name of the owner.
Providing reliable information
The user undertakes to correctly fill in all the data provided in the account registration form, and the data of his/her dog in the database, and is aware that in case of entering false information, not confirmed champion and working titles or health tests, the account may be blocked / removed without refund of the registration fee for services.
Confirmation of entered information
The user has to upload supporting documents (diplomas of champion and working titles, certificates of health tests) at the time of making changes to the titles and tests of the dog. Or indicate url of the official source of the data.
If the document does not contain the full name of the dog, then the dog must be identified (tattoo or chip).
Maintaining pages of your bred by dogs
A user who is an Australian Shepherd Breeder can request the right to maintain the dogs of his/her breeding in the database, create new pages of his breeding dogs and maintain them, if this right has not been transferred directly to the owner of the dog.

When entering the personal data of the owners of dogs of their breeding (last name, contacts), the User must provide written permission from the owner to publish personal data in the public domain.
Uploading photos
You must be sure that the photos uploaded to the database do not violate copyright law.

Keep in mind that the database compresses files heavily. The bigger a photo, the worse the output image will be. The optimal image size is 1200 at the larger side. Supported formats: JPG, PNG.
Account registration deadlines
The processing of the User's personal data, registration of an account and transfer of access to the account to the User is carried out within two working days from the receipt of payment for registering an account. The service is considered rendered from the moment of transfer of access to the account to the User.
All questions about the work of the database can be asked at the contacts listed on the main page of the aussie-info.ru website. The database administrators have the right to ignore the User's messages about the database sent to personal messengers.
Account blocking
Please keep your username and password in a safe place, do not forget them and do not pass them on to third parties. If you enter the wrong password 3 times, the account will be automatically blocked. If you find that your account is blocked, and you did not receive any notifications from the administrator in the email, then most likely you entered the wrong password. Unlocking is possible by contacting the administrator.

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